It’s a Beautiful Morning

Good morning class. Its Peekay here and I hope everything is going well with you. Today I got my work done by 4pm and had plenty of free time tonight. You all want to know how that happened and I have two tests next week. I split my work up and plan my week in advanced. I got up early this morning @ 8am and after some breakfast got work done. That way, by the time class rolls around I was ready to participate and make a difference. Moving on, I get as much work done as possible so when I get tired and after dinner, most of my work is done. By that time, I am able to relax and hang with friends, while everyone else is complaining. Well folks, I understand that procrastinating works, but it forms a vicious cycle. You fall behind, you relax as you get tired, and you keep behind and rushing/stressing. That is definitely not the way to go my friends. The way to go is to get work done early and ultimately isolate yourself when you work. That way, you will be able to work efficiently and rapidly. Also get up early, not at 6:30 (that’s way too early), but at 8, 9, or 10, instead of Noon or the afternoon! Then you eat a full breakfast and ultimately get to work well-rested. Then I block of my day into hours of work and leave 10-15 minute breaks between them. Then a few hours later, I eat lunch and by mid to late afternoon my work will be done. Then I can chill with my friends and complete work during my optimal circadian rhythm.

More specifically, when I study I want to use visual diagrams in order to help me study better. Furthermore, I want to visually connect terms, because our minds work best with deep processing. Then I will understand the terms. Also I try to do recall quiz questions about a week before an exam. That way, I am able to identify my weaknesses and then move on and be more specific. Moving on, I can relax in the evenings. But week of exams, you need to study more. DON’T PULL ALL NIGHTERS. I recommend to study some concepts up to 2-3 hours per day. Then just keep at it. Also remove other activities, such as after school and also reduce social life that week. After the exams, you chill with your friends!!! Also go to bed early the night before the exam. I made the mistake of staying up late and my score was substantially lower.

Good luck,


Seize the Momentum

Hello folks how we are all doing? Well I want to talk about balance and seizing the momentum of the week. I know Saturday and Sunday it is easy to relax and not do jackshit. But to keep going and not overload during the week, I recommend getting a bit on Saturday and Sunday, we get going like a regular day :). I realize we can not be intense studying everyday. So after a fun Friday afternoon and evening off, I get up on Saturday. I say I want to relax and get some work done. This way I still have a great day and work gets done. I get up whenever and then I plan a little bit of work, so I will not be overwhelmed on Sunday! Then I get the work done with a few breaks between and then hang out with my friends. That way I feel accomplished, so getting up on Sunday with a mountain of work doesn’t seem so bad! Then get up slowly and then plan for the day! I recommend that you get away from your room and work in the library away from distractions. Also for NFL Fans like me, away from the TV so I will be able to avoid distractions along with agitation over my team. There is always NFL Game Rewind, so I can watch the game later and there is the intriguing Sunday Night Football matchup that will be more rewarding once work is all done! I work away from others so I can focused and won’t be distracted. I work for about 7-8 hours with breaks between each hour and a break for lunch away from NFL distractions and others. So by after dinner I can plan for the week and have momentum on my side. Also my isolation allows me to feel motivated so when I watch football, I know I have earned it! What I don’t understand is people waiting until last minute and end up hating on the week and just plain upset. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, if anything you should apologize to yourself for making things harder than necessary. Then before I watch football or relax, I plan out my week and know what to expect. Then I am ready to get what I need to get done and I relax, so I am calm and ready to go. 

Happy Studying and GO RAVENS!!!


Beginning of a New Semester

Hello folks. Well my semester starts off tomorrow. So I want to give a few tips about studying and scheduling the next few weeks. With my new system in place, I will be able to write all my deadlines down and remember my major and minor assignments. Also with each day, I will be able to get work and still have fun. I will plan each day and set a day to start all my long-term assignments. That way I will not be overwhelmed. Then each day I will block out hours in order to get work done with some breaks. Personally, I do not schedule back to back classes, because I want time to process the information and get some work done. That way between classes, I will be able to get work done, when I am most awake. So later on in the evenings, I have time to do something fun and not overwhelmed when I am dining with my friends :). Starting early will allow you to generate questions for comprehension so you have a basis for exam review. That way you can reduce those days where you have to shut yourself away from the world working all-day. I will be fair, they happen, but you can reduce them by being more efficient.

For example take notes and study based on the objectives or curriculum of the class. For psychology, I would group all the main concepts together or the question-evidence-conclusion. Here is focus on memorizing the information deeply and be able to write an essay and recognize each term. For math, I would write proofs or explanation/how-to all together. That way I have an outline or idea to follow when doing my homework. That way I get some studying done. So when I really get organized for the test 1-2 weeks before hand, I am not overwhelmed and I am ready to get going with deep processing, recalling is not so bad. Also with a balance day is not so bad.

Best Time to Study

What’s up world? Its Peekay. I have been wondering why everyone has been leaving their studying until late evening. There can be time during the day and one is able to focus better then. Because at night, there is always something else you want to do like decompress with friends along with clubs or late night TV shows. So you are asking when you should study? Well somewhat at night, but there is also between classes and in the morning. What I have noticed is that people stay late, they are surly, they don’t pay attention, and they have to stay up late. I prefer to start early and end early. Instead of sleeping in at Noon, I get up at 8 or 9 and wake up and have breakfast. Then I get started on some work. Once I get one task done, the rest of the day isn’t so bad. Then I will carry on with momentum. Then I have time to hang out with friends in the evenings or alone. Also when I have later classes, I get up about 9, get some work done so my evenings aren’t so bad.

On that note, find time between classes where you are able to work. That way you are able to get some work done and feel motivated. I recommend that you eat lunch or dinner by yourself if you want to have some free time. I usually do that and I have time to hang with my friends. That way I can focus  on my work early and be less stressed in the evening. There are distractions, everywhere, but if you can limit them and go quietly. You can be done by 10pm on a good day and midnight on a bad day. Then take a few hours to relax and then go to bed. Start setting more realistic goals and expectations for yourself for each day. I know I am guilty of saying I will work all day and ending up I will not. So let’s be realistic and take all distractions out while working.

Happy Studying,


Deep Processing

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I have been wondering about how people study and watching various videos about it! Superficially it all looks the same, however deeper takes less time and high retention rates. So studying for the tests won’t be quite as hard. Why don’t we go through what deep processing is. Deep processing is connecting the knowledge to previous concepts, connecting to previous knowledge, personal connections, understanding differences, and being able to recall. What I have been guilty of in the past is superficial studying or just memorizing. That is a fair start, but it will not take care of studying. In fact it helps in the long run to deep process, because you will recall easier and review won’t be as bad! With connections you can remember with a few cues.

levels of processing memory model 6

This leads to my next point regarding study time. Studying more does not equal better results. In fact studying less helps out, but let’s up the intensity a bit. Actively write quizzes, take them, make practice lectures, along with actively connecting events will make each minute count, so you will know it. Also without distractions, you will feel less overwhelmed and you will not debate whether you should relax or study. Block out the time and give it all you got. As you determine when you will relax and  then fill time with work. Allow breaks between review to make sure you have it or some calming music. Then when you relax, you will be rejuvenated. Then you will not be complaining non-stop about your classes. Get started and  go forth with passion.

Happy Studying,


Focus and Meditation

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I have been planning better study habits and I have found two strong things to direct yourselves towards. First off, approach each task with a calm attitude. The best way is to focus on each step. That way, you will not be overwhelmed by every step. That way you can make rationale decisions. In order to do so, I recommend that you write all your thoughts aloud on a paper that will get rid of your burdens. That way you know what is getting to you. Then you calm down with some  The Honest Guys. Here is some Anxiety Relief Remember that anxiety does not have to and should not rule you! In fact you can reroute it towards positive thoughts. The future is so up in the air, so let’s march towards optimism. Never stop and life is a journey! Once calm and then turn these problems into solving steps!!



But people ask me how to remain calm about what happens? Well the best way is to spread out the steps and divide each step, so you are not overwhelmed and remember each step alone. So when you continue on down later on, it ain’t so bad. In fact you will be less stressed, as you can focus on each step and there will be less complaining. Then it won’t be so bad. So let’s not make things as hard. Also disconnect from Facebook, YouTube, and others. As time moves on and you are focused you will get it done faster. Its quality over quantity, so make the most out of each second and you will be fine. Also be flexible and leave extra time. That is why I start early and be efficient. I get a topic done and have time to e-mail or talk to the professors in person! By staying calm and going through slowly and focused, you will be fine! No blogs for the next 11 days, as I will be in Boston :)

Happy Studying.

Peekay :)

Small Details Matter

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I have been thinking about studying tips in an attempt to end my college career on a strong note. I believe the best way to study is with efficiency. Study intensely and with focus on each concept with breaks to reinforce energy. We all have different circadian rhythms along with different strengths. Play into the study habits that tailor to the assessment types of the class along with your strengths, I personally recommend studying for each class each day for a few hours and breaking the big problems into smaller pieces. Then you will get work done each day and not stress about it. Furthermore, when studying have all distractions off. I just keep Facebook off along with just silence in the room. Also if I need to calm down, I listen to calming music. The best way to stay motivated is to keep your goals in mind. By doing so, one is able to keep on the task and drive the passion through the mind. With calm music, one breaks the distractions and can return to focusing. Just like a walk through nature. So during study breaks, I suggest jogging through nature in order to see purpose through fresh air and nature helps connect one back to their passion. My evening jogs around campus help me rejuvenate and get my homework done efficiently.



Then write down whatever is bothering you and your goals. From there, I recommend that you remove those ideas from your mind or come to terms with them or find goals and use that motivation to finish your homework. Then when you get your homework done, reward yourself with other ideas. That way you can spend maximum 3 hours on a subject per night and then get your work done and still have fun. Some days out of the week, I minimize contact with my friends in order to focus on work. Then the others days, I am able to chill with my buddies and not be stressed about work. Also when I stress about a class, I put on relaxing music and my anxiety goes away, allowing for my mind to think straight and not panic. I do not know how many times that panic usually rushes me and influences some not so optimal decisions. Also I do not overload myself with activities to remove myself from homework, so I am not overloaded. When you start strong and learn it the first time, come finals you will able to recognize the concept and then it won’t be so bad!!! Start strong and don’t loose momentum.

Until next time.


Peekay :)


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