Maximize Knowledge in Minimized Time

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! I have been approached with the question on how to maximize school getting out of while minimizing study time. Well I am happy to say I have a full answer for you folks!!! The best way to maximize the information you get out of class is to read ahead. Just skim the information and then outline the key points on your computer as notes. Following that, you can take notes and ask questions. When you take your notes, you can focus on the major points. Just look at what the teacher emphasizes the most. A hint is what does the teacher or professor specialize in. They tend to ask more questions on what they specialize in! The teacher will raise their voice or say this is important and you memorize that. I recommend you attend all of your classes so that you are able to ask questions and after class it won’t take as long to process the material. Sometimes things come up, but make a concerted effort to attend! After class, I draw flow charts to show how the concepts connect and deep process that shit! Then when studying for exams, start studying 10 days in advanced. That way, I have enough time and do not overload myself on a day. During study, I make my own quizzes of short answer. Then, I do fake interviews or lectures where I imagine I have people like Ed Hochuli asking me about the concepts and I recall everything. I check against my textbook and if I got I move on. If not I redo diagrams until I confidently understand the concept. Then the night before the test, I stop studying by 9pm and meditate. Then I drink tea and relax and go to bed by midnight. I get up 2 hours before the test and I shower and eat breakfast. Then I review quickly by redoing a few quiz questions and I come to the test location and not talk to anyone! Then I am in my zone, take the test and then turn it in! Then I come home and relax.

Happy testing,



What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! As I have been studying for a while, I know how to keep my studying habits running fast. I separate the places where I work and play. When I study, I try to study in the basement of Goodpaster, the picnic table behind Admissions, the waterfront, or somewhere quieter. I use the Goodpaster basement and Admissions regularly, but I switch it up when I get bored or want a change of scenery. With a change of scenery, my motivation increases. I try to keep away from others so I can focus. I travel to a table where there is less traffic so I am able to focus and not be distracted by others!!! So when I am done and not distracted, I am able to hang with my friends and move on to bigger and better things in life. I try to get work done early, so I can also seek feedback. Also upon returning home, I feel very relaxed and able to focus and not have papers cluttered all over my desk.

With split locations you can just focus on what you need to do via associations. For example in Goodpaster, I am able to focus on my work as I associate the computer lab there and not stress. So when I come back to my apartment and I feel relaxed, as I do not feel pressured there and I can hang with my friends there without worrying about impending homework. I know it is challenging to study in the dorm room and that is why I don’t study there. Because all your fun activities are there along with your friends and your bed, your momentum and motivation will disappear in that cozy environment, as you want to nap, watch football, or chill with friends!

Happy Studying,


Don’t Crawl into TV and Cry

What’s up world? Peekay is back with some more great study habits!!!! I talk about start early and not procrastinating right! Well I have some tips about having many tests!!! I start studying about 2 weeks before each test. Also while I take notes, I make outlines therefore I will be able to quiz myself better and know the concepts better. I start fast, so when stress comes I know I can handle the material and minimize the stress. Also I stay off of Facebook to avoid other people stressing!!! I promise you with proper planning you can minimize stress. I plan out the next few weeks and set goals so by the week the exams come, I can primarily focus on the exams and smaller assignments assigned that week. I recommend getting smaller assignments and projects due complete early, therefore you will be able to stress less and allow yourself some time to relax. To add to what I am going to say, don’t cry when school stress overtakes you and wallow in it! Come find friends to talk to. When tests don’t go well, I either find people to laugh it off with or I play video games and watch uplifting funny videos.


Moving on, people ask “Peekay, what do I do when I am stressed? I just naturally stress during tests.” Well I am happy to say that just relax. Study a few hours a day and then in the evenings relax. The last time I had two tests back to back, I was able to relax by studying a few hours and calming myself down so that I was able to relax. By giving out cookies and cheering others out, I felt relaxed and moved on. Also the day of the test, calm down. Do not stress. I do not talk to others and I go to a quiet spot to get away to prepare myself. I think things over in my mind and I tell myself I will do well. I do not talk to stressed out people. I pull a Bill Belichick and I do not answer and I just stay calm.


However, after the test, I loosen up and return to my chipper self!!! I turn into Aaron Rodgers or Gene Steratore and I start being cheerful and smile knowing I gave it all I got!!!! Then I relax and when I receive my test, I assess where to do better. I do not blame anyone or anything. I look where I went right and wrong. I build off of that for the next time!!!


That’s all Folks,



Reassess Abilities

What’s up world? Peekay is here. I am happy to tell you that my new study plans are off to a strong start! I am able to study more and accomplish more with less time. Especially my anemic writing is becoming more efficient. I am able to write 2-3 pages in an hour and able to read and catch my mistakes better. Therefore, I cut my time to writing in half. Furthermore, I am able to read faster by just scanning the main points and still be able to participate in class. I know professors assign a shit ton of homework. However, I am happy to report that it can be done with plenty of free time left over! This may sound blasphemous, but don’t do all of the readings unless it is a regular source or the professor emphasizes the reading. That way you can focus on bigger assignments such as papers or assessments. Also after each class, turn your notes into graphic organizers. It only takes 30 minutes and you will retain information better. Then when tests come up, you can make your own practice questions and therefore be able to practice better. With studying, turn it into something creative. Therefore, I will be able to turn it into something fun! For example, for my last Adolescent Psych exam I did a funny lecture or interview with Walt Anderson or Ed Hochuli! That way I easily retrieved all of the memory along with being able to recognize the questions and formulate an answer. From there, I realize I need to focus on details a bit more. 85%, not so bad, but there is always room for improvement. Also with Analysis some fun lectures make studying fun!

That’s all folks,


Testing Advice

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! Well I had two exams today and I found some great advice on test-taking day. Remember testing is not as bad as its made out to be. I know you all get easily nervous when tests come up. But I found a great way to avoid test anxiety. I recommend that you study alone and on test day, get in your zone and minimize talking to others before the test! That way you will avoid anxieties prior to the test and ultimately just focus on the task at head. I try to sit away from everyone else during the test so I can focus and not be distracted by people coming and going. I personally recommend sitting away from the door, so you can focus. Also meditating before and after will calm you down as you can focus. Then you can calmly wait for the scores for return. Then reassess what happened. Do not beat yourself up, because that will make you hate yourself and the grades more. Get mad, but plan to do better. Don’t bury yourself in the sand!!! Also shower in the morning so you are wide awake.

Just Keep Swimming/Weekend Studying

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. Well the third week of the semester is in the books and I want to discuss about persistence and build momentum in the beginning. Just take the Ravens-Steelers game! My Ravens kept moving, despite that bullshit roughing the passer penalty on the first Pittsburgh drive and ultimately ended that drive with a fumble. Then, Baltimore marched down the field and scored a TD to take a 7-0 drive and withstand Pittsburgh’s defense and ultimate dominated 26-6. This illusion is pointing to how you can’t let early miscues hold you down and if you push at it, you will make it! For example take PSYC 101 last semester. I didn’t start off the best, but I ultimately pulled off an “A” in that class, after getting a 68% on the first test! Now I am trying to carry that momentum into the semester. Two Midterms next week, wish me luck folks :).

Moving on, I want to discuss about weekend studying/social life. I know you want to relax, but you need to get some work done. You need a balance my friends. I start work early and I split it up per day. So I do a bit each day, but I still chill with my friends :). I have two tests, but I balanced my day out. Also Saturday, I don’t do as much work and relax. I started at 10am and took a lunch break and then by 5 I ate dinner with my friends and did some work at their place. That way Sunday, which is my workday, I have some positive momentum to carry forward. I consider Sunday to be a day to transition from the fun times of the weekend to the week. I get ahead on work, plan ahead, and go to bed early. But I allow something fun at the end. Whether it be Sunday Night Football, Full House, I let loose a bit and go to bed early so I am well-rested to start the week off strong.


Peekay :)

It’s a Beautiful Morning

Good morning class. Its Peekay here and I hope everything is going well with you. Today I got my work done by 4pm and had plenty of free time tonight. You all want to know how that happened and I have two tests next week. I split my work up and plan my week in advanced. I got up early this morning @ 8am and after some breakfast got work done. That way, by the time class rolls around I was ready to participate and make a difference. Moving on, I get as much work done as possible so when I get tired and after dinner, most of my work is done. By that time, I am able to relax and hang with friends, while everyone else is complaining. Well folks, I understand that procrastinating works, but it forms a vicious cycle. You fall behind, you relax as you get tired, and you keep behind and rushing/stressing. That is definitely not the way to go my friends. The way to go is to get work done early and ultimately isolate yourself when you work. That way, you will be able to work efficiently and rapidly. Also get up early, not at 6:30 (that’s way too early), but at 8, 9, or 10, instead of Noon or the afternoon! Then you eat a full breakfast and ultimately get to work well-rested. Then I block of my day into hours of work and leave 10-15 minute breaks between them. Then a few hours later, I eat lunch and by mid to late afternoon my work will be done. Then I can chill with my friends and complete work during my optimal circadian rhythm.

More specifically, when I study I want to use visual diagrams in order to help me study better. Furthermore, I want to visually connect terms, because our minds work best with deep processing. Then I will understand the terms. Also I try to do recall quiz questions about a week before an exam. That way, I am able to identify my weaknesses and then move on and be more specific. Moving on, I can relax in the evenings. But week of exams, you need to study more. DON’T PULL ALL NIGHTERS. I recommend to study some concepts up to 2-3 hours per day. Then just keep at it. Also remove other activities, such as after school and also reduce social life that week. After the exams, you chill with your friends!!! Also go to bed early the night before the exam. I made the mistake of staying up late and my score was substantially lower.

Good luck,



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