Best Time to Study

What’s up world? Its Peekay. I have been wondering why everyone has been leaving their studying until late evening. There can be time during the day and one is able to focus better then. Because at night, there is always something else you want to do like decompress with friends along with clubs or late night TV shows. So you are asking when you should study? Well somewhat at night, but there is also between classes and in the morning. What I have noticed is that people stay late, they are surly, they don’t pay attention, and they have to stay up late. I prefer to start early and end early. Instead of sleeping in at Noon, I get up at 8 or 9 and wake up and have breakfast. Then I get started on some work. Once I get one task done, the rest of the day isn’t so bad. Then I will carry on with momentum. Then I have time to hang out with friends in the evenings or alone. Also when I have later classes, I get up about 9, get some work done so my evenings aren’t so bad.

On that note, find time between classes where you are able to work. That way you are able to get some work done and feel motivated. I recommend that you eat lunch or dinner by yourself if you want to have some free time. I usually do that and I have time to hang with my friends. That way I can focus  on my work early and be less stressed in the evening. There are distractions, everywhere, but if you can limit them and go quietly. You can be done by 10pm on a good day and midnight on a bad day. Then take a few hours to relax and then go to bed. Start setting more realistic goals and expectations for yourself for each day. I know I am guilty of saying I will work all day and ending up I will not. So let’s be realistic and take all distractions out while working.

Happy Studying,



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